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Trailer Terrors: Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992) “He kind of plays it fast and loose.”  Call it a guilty pleasure, but there’s something about this time of year that puts me in the mood to watch a boatload of Chevy Chase films. Of course there’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but more than that I’m talking about Chase’s classic fare like Caddyshack, … Continue reading

Preview ‘Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale’ Tired of watching A Christmas Story ad nauseum every year on TBS? Well if you’re lucky enough to live anywhere near New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Boston, Kansas City or any of the other theaters listed here than you’re in luck! Those are the cities that will be premiering director Jalmari Helander’s latest feature … Continue reading

Head Games: Splatterhouse (2010) “You’ve got red on you.” With an epic quest that began a little over a decade ago, the King of Carnage has returned to us in better shape than ever in a blood-drenched redux driven by revenge, ultra-violence and a whole lot of badassery. Full of abhorred mutations from another dimension and a mask … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Day Trailer Terror: Predators 2 “This time it’s open season… on all of us!” Thanksgiving is here and I’d like to take your mind back 20 yrs to this very week, where Predator fans were treated to a sequel of the classic sci-fi original, Predator 2, that sees a Predator alien doing his hunting in a new jungle… the … Continue reading

Uncle Eerie’s Howling Halloween Shiver Show

By far the best segments were those actually produced by the Shiver Show crew such as the intro sequence and Eerie’s “Lil’ Eerie” (played by Jonah Linchenberg) flashback in which he relives his first trick or treating experience. I also cannot express just how awesome the costume and set design is for the show courtesy … Continue reading

Lost Signals: Sifl and Olly Show (1997)

“Sifl and Olly Show… ROCK!!!” The 90s saw a cornucopia of some of the most twisted, deranged, and innovative television to ever grace the screen; none more potent or vital to my existence than the shows on Nickelodeon and MTV. As it is, both of these stations lost the will to entertain after 1999 and … Continue reading

Printed Perversions: The Astounding Wolf-Man Vol. 1

Thanks to the release of AMC’s newest hit show, The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman’s name has quickly become synonymous with those carnivorous corpses we call zombies, and rightly so. An adaptation of the comic he co-created with Tony Moore, Kirkman has certainly made his mark on a sub-genre of horror that has squeezed every bit … Continue reading

Toychest Time Machine: Critter Handpuppets

Photo Credit: Space Bastard Photo Credit: Toy Archive As it often happens when I’m on Twitter, I was chatting it up with fellow horror fiends @FijiMermaid and @FreddysFingers about the existential nature of #FF (Follow Fridays) when somehow our conversation turned into talk about time travel and a certain quintessential Gremlins knock-off known as Critters. … Continue reading

Interview w/ Dick Grunert, Creator of Dead of Night Radio

The days have gotten colder and the nights have grown longer. There’s no doubt that Winter is upon us and although that means the luster of Fall is behind us there’s still time for one last send-off for Halloween before you start to carve up those Thanksgiving turkey and break out that dusty Black Christmas … Continue reading